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document Direct X 10 Disabled after installing NetSupport Manger/School
Summary  It has been discovered that under certain circumstances DirectX functions could be left disabled following a remote Control session when using NetSupport Manager NetSupport School.  Details 0; To resolve the problem first re-enable DirectX this can be achieved by...
01 Mar, 2010
document Command based connection with PCICTLUI.exe
Summary  The NetSupport Control program ( pcictlui.exe ) accepts command line options to automate connections or to restrict functionality.  When attempting to start a profile with a password set the user will be presented with a dialog which will also allow them to change...
01 Mar, 2010
document Issues connecting to your clients
This article is focused towards those with a technical background. Terms like Ping/Telnet/Firewall are used through the attached flowchart. This is a basic method of error checking, for further assistance please call our technical services team on 1800 674 935 or support@pixel.com.au Please...
16 Feb, 2010
document MAC Client version 10.60 - Release Notes
The NetSupport Manager 10.60 MAC Client does not require a new license key and will work with an existing NetSupport Manager version 10.00 License key. This release of NetSupport Manager MAC Client includes the following enhancements and fixes, which have been detailed below: What’s New ...
04 Nov, 2009
document How is NetSupport licensed within Terminal Environments?
Answer: We are looking to update the software license agreement, but as yet we haven’t. As NetSupport Manager is run as an application in each terminal server session, a license still has to be purchased for every desktop or session (thin client). i.e. If the terminal server is running...
06 May, 2009
document How to enable Screen Scraping
Summary: When faced with an issue in regards to the GDI Video Hook, the user may need to enable screen scraping to resolve or workaround a black screen. Resolution: To enable screen scraping you will need to do the following. Open up the NetSupport Manager console, Select the...
23 Feb, 2009
document Black / Blank screen when connecting to a Client
Summary: Blank Screen or Unstable system at Client after install of NetSupport Manager. This is a problem with the GDI Video Hook, either it has not been correctly installed by the NetSupport installation, or there is a conflict with something, usually video drivers. Resolution: ...
23 Feb, 2009