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document NetSupport Support Tool
Summary: A Support Tool has been created for NetSupport Manager and NetSupport School/Inform, which gathers detailed information required to assist our Technical Support team, should you encounter a problem. The Support Tool gathers details from the machine where the Support Tool has been...
10 Jul, 2018
document Specifications and Basic Troubleshooting
 Specifications Operating System:  Windows XP (SP2), 2003(SP2), Vista, 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8.  Free Disk...
20 Oct, 2014
document Trouble Blocking Printers
Summary (This article is currently being confirmed by customers) We have seen occasionaly when printers are shared through a "Print Server" that the students print jobs are unable to be blocked More Information We have tested this with a Printer Share VS Directly connect printers. ...
14 Nov, 2012
document Resolving the launch application/remote commands
Summary We have discovered that the ability to trigger certain commands (remote command prompt) and some applications via the quick launch fail to start. More Information While the updated builds of this software resolve the issue, if you still experience the problem please do the...
18 Oct, 2012
document Problems with Remote Login or Printer Blocking after upgrade to V11
Summary Occasionally after upgradeing to V11 via the Upgrade Process there will be issues with Printer Blocking or Remote Login. This issue is primarily related with Windows Vista. More Information There are files required in order to provide a remote login or remote printer blocking....
06 Aug, 2012
document How to apply the NetSupport School ADMX files
NetSupport School V11 templates are different then V10,10.5,10.7 Summary NetSup port School integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory structure enabling you to centrally manage Student configurations and Tutor Configurations. From version 11 of NetSupport School these configurations can now...
31 Jul, 2012
document NetSupport Encryption Tool
When using ADM Templates within your NetSupport Manager configuration you will require the Encryption utility to enter the encrypted value into the value field within the Goup Policy object that you wish to configure.
09 May, 2012
document How to Remove UI options from the console
Summary How to remove elements from NetSupport School Tutor console More Information We have created a quick video on ways to achieve this. Registry NetSupport School tutor settings And Group Policy If you have any questions please feek free to contact us on 1800 674...
12 Jan, 2012
document Using NetSupport School Group Policy Templates
We have attached a method of using group policy templates to help configure or lockdown your installation of NetSupport. If you have any problems please dont hesitate to contact us on 1800 674 935 or support@pixel.com.au
12 Jan, 2012
document Showing the AutoCad Application
When showing these type of applications it is required to use the Screen Scrape mode Show option due to the way these applications can draw directly to the Screen by passing the Mirror driver method (GDIHook5) to capture the screen information. The Screen Scrape method captures the Client...
16 Nov, 2011