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document Prevent NetSupport School Tutor Console from displaying machines from other classes
Summary NetSupport School Tutor Console displaying machines that are from another class or room that shouldn't be displayed. More Information Tutor console displaying machines from another class list or room that is not part of the selected class list or room. Common scenarios: ...
08 Feb, 2011
document Configure NetSupport School to Connect By Hostname (DHCP/WINS)
Summary Normally the Tutor Console connects to a Client by IP Address, rather than by name. In an environment that uses DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), this may be undesirable as the address may change when the Client workstation is restarted. Checking this option forces the Control...
07 Feb, 2011
document Wireless Network Environment options
NetSupport School Wireless Network Environments   Introduction   Netsup port School gives you the ability to optimise the performance across a wireless network.   NetSupport School provides the ability to broadcast to multiple machines simultaneously.   Follo w...
20 Dec, 2010
document How to Install and Setup the Name & Connectivity Server
NetSupport School Name & Connectivity Server Introduction The Name & Connectivity Server is a central server that handles all client connections. It registers all the IP addresses, MAC addresses and hostnames of the client machines. Maintaining the latest information of all the...
15 Dec, 2010
document Windows 7 Wake on Lan
Windows 7 introduced an extra security requirement with WOL. Information on the changes can be located here: http://technet.micr osoft.com/en-us/library/ee6171 65(WS.10).aspx This document assumes you have Wake on Lan/ Wake on Network enabled in Bios. In order to revert back to the...
02 Dec, 2010
document Configure NetSupport School Client to run silently
Summary Enables the NetSupport School Client to be invisible. Removes the client from the Taskbar. Removes the client from the login screen Instructions 1. Open the Client Configurator 2. Navigate to: Start Menu > All Programs > NetSupport School > NetSupport School...
21 Oct, 2010
document Where does NetSupport School store files
Files that the Tutor Console will write too: Application List File : NetSupport School.app Web List File : NetSupport School.web Survey List File : NetSupport School.sul Word List File : NetSupport School.wdl Layout File : _Default.lyt Client File : client.nss Group File :...
07 Oct, 2010
document Windows 7 Aero Theme Workaround
Summary Windows 7 Aero Theme Workaround More Information Windows 7 Aero Theme is not compatible with Mirror drivers. NetSupport School as well as many other Remote Software applications use Mirror drivers. In NetSupport School, when connecting from the Tutor to the Student, the Aero...
01 Oct, 2010
document Manually editing the client32.ini file
Manually editing the client32.ini file Summary This Document applies to NetSupport Manager Versions 4.10 and later, and NetSupport School/Inform Versions 3.11 and later.   The Client configuration file Client32.ini is a text file that contains the majority of settings used by the Client...
01 Oct, 2010
document Prevent Students from Uninstalling NetSupport School
Summary The idea of the following is to help deter students from uninstalling NetSupport School Client on their laptops Resolution The following registry point is related to the uninstall string in Add/Remove programs: This string is different depending on whether the installation is...
29 Sep, 2010