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document How to register your DNA License into the Database
Summary When changing license counts or upgrading from Evaluation to Full, you are required to register your new license file into the database. Instructions After Purchase or Upgrade you will receive an email from our sales/admin team with license information. The information you...
11 Jul, 2018
document Web Server (IIS) Pre-requisites for Installing DNA Helpdesk onto Windows 2008 / 7 / Vista
 Summary When installing DNA Helpdesk onto a Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7 or Vista machine, there are certain conditions that you have to satisfy in order to achieve a successful installation. Details Firstl y, you need to ensure that you have installed the IIS...
20 Oct, 2014
document Specifications and Basic Troubleshooting
Specifications  Server  Minimum hardware:  Intel Pentium 4 with 1GB Ram or higher.*  Free space...
20 Oct, 2014
document NetSupport DNA Gateway Configuration
DNA Gateway The NetSupport DNA Gateway provides a stable and secure method for locating and connecting to Clients on Remote Networks securely via the Internet. Multiple remote locations can communicate data back to a central location with the use...
27 Jan, 2011
document How to reset the Admin User Password
Summary It may be necessary to reset the Admin password for the NetSupport DNA console. Requirements Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express Instructions Open your "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express" Select New Query Enter the following USE...
02 Aug, 2010
document Adding additional hardware assets
Adding Custom Hardware Peripherals. All peripheral/non-scanned hardware needs to be recorded in order to maintain an accurate asset log. DNA enables you to manually associate details of these components with their respective 'owners'. Devices can be associated to...
25 Feb, 2010
document DNA 64 Bit Compatibility
Answer: From Version 3 of DNA, NetSupport DNA fully supports 64bit operating systems
17 Aug, 2009
document How is NetSupport licensed within Terminal Environments?
Answer: We are looking to update the software license agreement, but as yet we haven’t. As NetSupport Manager is run as an application in each terminal server session, a license still has to be purchased for every desktop or session (thin client). i.e. If the terminal server is running...
06 May, 2009