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document Registering a Licence Key
Registering a Licence Key When you purchase NetSupport Notify you are allocated a serial number. This combined with your company name and product related information is used to produce a unique software licence key that enables you to use the product. After installation you need to generate a...
29 Aug, 2016
document Specifications and Basic Troubleshooting
Specifications Console  Operating system:  Windows 2000 and above  Mobile Support  ...
20 Oct, 2014
document NetSupport Notify - How to send notifications to OU groups
Summary We often get asked if you can send messages to an OU (Organisational Unit) instead of a list of computers.  This would assist with hot desking. Resolution To change the settings and allow this to work we are required to apply some group policy to the OU's. This guide is...
10 May, 2012