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Showing the AutoCad Application

When showing these type of applications it is required to use the Screen Scrape mode Show option due to the way these applications can draw directly to the Screen by passing the Mirror driver method (GDIHook5) to capture the screen information.

The Screen Scrape method captures the Client screen as if it where a bitmap. Although the data is compressed this method is

marginally slower than hooking into the Video Driver. This method however will provide a accurate representation of the Clients screen where hooking into the Video driver may sometimes fail.

Can you please add te following entry to the client32.ini file on the the Student machine? I find that if you use the these options CAD works work as well as the Mouse movements



You will need to apply the checksum after making these changes.For more information please see the links below.



If you continnue to have these problems within the Autocad Application then we would like to first request the Support tool information from the Student and Tutor  machines to allow us to check the Screen Scrape option and Scrape Layers setting has been correctly applied.