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Trouble Blocking Printers

Summary (This article is currently being confirmed by customers)

We have seen occasionaly when printers are shared through a "Print Server" that the students print jobs are unable to be blocked

More Information

We have tested this with a Printer Share VS Directly connect printers.


We need to look for missing value data "SPOOLSS" is already added to the registry key called "NullSessionPipes".  Please carryout the following procedure:

1. Click on {Start}
2. Select {Run}
3. Then type "regedit" in the dialog box
4. Next you will see the following "Registry Editor " Window lists below:


5. Click on the plus sign (+) of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
6. Then from the tree list select SYSTEM
7. Next click on CurrentControlSet
8. Then click on Services
9. Next click on LanmanServer
10. Now click on parameters

Then at this point you should be able to see the key called: "NullSessionPipes" on the right-hand-side. If it does not exist then you will need to create a new Multi-String Value called "NullSessionPipes" and add  the Value Data "SPOOLSS".

Alternatively, if the "NullSessionPipes" already exist then right click on "NullSessionPipes" and select Modify once the dialog window appears please check that the Value Data "SPOOLSS" is in the list.  If the "SPOOLSS" is not in the list then you will need to add it and then click on the OK button to accept the update.

Please carryout the above procedure on both the Tutor and one of the Student machines, reboot the machines and then try Print Blocking again.

Version(s) affected

  • V10, V10.5, V11