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Advanced Configuration in NetSupport School

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Last updated: 17 Aug, 2009
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Posted: 17 Aug, 2009
by: Gurrie A.
Updated: 17 Aug, 2009
by: Gurrie A.


It is sometimes nessary to utilise addition features within the configuration of NetSupport School.

During your first installation of NetSupport School you have the option to go through these options. However after this the config is restricted to allow easy use.

We can however retreive the Advanced mode by running the following script file.

Requirements: NetSupport School instatllation containing: Client Configurator

Either Save the attached file or create your own by performing the following:

  1. Navigate to your NetSupport School installation folder. (Default: C:\Program Files\NetSupport\NetSupport School\)
  2. Create a file called "Run Advanced Config.cmd"
  3. Enter the following information
    :: Run the Advanced Configurator for NetSupport School - Pixel IT
    @echo off
    echo [+] 1. Renaming your license file to bypass config restriction.
    rename NSM.LIC NSM.LIC.old
    echo [+] 2. Delay opening of the configurator to allow for rename completion.
    ping -n 2 >nul
    start pcicfgui.exe
    ping -n 2 >nul
    echo [+] 3. Renaming your license file back to original.
    rename NSM.LIC.old NSM.LIC
    echo [!] 4. You have successfully opened the advanced configurator.
  4. Save & Close.
  5. Run the file to access the advanced configuration.

Should you have any problems with this, please don't hesitate to contact our Technical Support team via support@pixel.com.au or 1800 674 935

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