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Windows 7 Aero Theme Workaround

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Last updated: 01 Oct, 2010
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Posted: 01 Oct, 2010
Updated: 01 Oct, 2010


Windows 7 Aero Theme Workaround

More Information

Windows 7 Aero Theme is not compatible with Mirror drivers.

NetSupport School as well as many other Remote Software applications use Mirror drivers.

In NetSupport School, when connecting from the Tutor to the Student, the Aero Theme would revert back to Basic Theme on the Student PC.

This workaround allows Aero Theme to remain intact and avoid reverting back to Basic Theme.


The following changes need to be made to the client32.ini file:

  1. Locate your client32.ini file in c:\Program Files\NetSupport School\
  2. Right click and open with notepad
  3. Make the following amendments if they don't exist:





  1. Save the the client32.ini and override the existing file.
  2. Now the client32.ini file needs to apply a valid checksum value

In order to create a valid checksum value the client32.ini needs to be validated using the CKSINI.exe utility.

The CKSINI.exe utility and how to apply it can be found at the following Knowledge base article:


Once the client32.ini file has a valid checksum value it can then be deployed.

After a successful reboot of the Tutor and Student machine, Windows 7 Aero Theme will now work.

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