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Problems with Remote Login or Printer Blocking after upgrade to V11

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Last updated: 06 Aug, 2012
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Posted: 06 Aug, 2012
by: Gurrie A.
Updated: 06 Aug, 2012
by: Gurrie A.


Occasionally after upgradeing to V11 via the Upgrade Process there will be issues with Printer Blocking or Remote Login. This issue is primarily related with Windows Vista.

More Information

There are files required in order to provide a remote login or remote printer blocking. During the upgrade process these library files are not loaded correctly.


You can either do this manually or via the deployment tools. (if you are using the deployment tools please make sure to tick 'force restart'.

  1. Uninstall NetSupport School Client
  2. Restart Machine
  3. Install NetSupport School Client
  4. Restart in order to load the required driver files

Assuming you have setup your configuration you should now be able to see your room/list and also able to remote login & printer block.

Version(s) affected

  • Primarily Windows Vista 32bit & 64bit.
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