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Registering a Licence Key

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Last updated: 29 Aug, 2016
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Posted: 29 Aug, 2016
by: Gurrie A.
Updated: 29 Aug, 2016
by: Gurrie A.

Registering a Licence Key

When you purchase NetSupport Notify you are allocated a serial number. This combined with your company name and product related information is used to produce a unique software licence key that enables you to use the product.

After installation you need to generate a licence key using the NetSupport Licence Manager utility.

To start the NetSupport Licence Manager, run PCILIC.EXE which you can find in the directory where you have installed NetSupport Notify.

The information must be entered exactly as it appears on your Licence certificate. The process is case sensitive and needs to be exact.

When you have entered all the information select the generate button to create your licence key file. If this fails please check and re-enter the details. Note: You can manually activate your licence using the Gateway Configuration utility.

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