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How to register your DNA License into the Database

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Last updated: 12 Jul, 2019
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Posted: 11 Jul, 2018
by: Gurrie A.
Updated: 12 Jul, 2019
by: Gurrie A.


When changing license counts or upgrading from Evaluation to Full, you are required to register your new license file into the database.


After Purchase or Upgrade you will receive an email from our sales/admin team with license information.

The information you receive will look similar to this

NetSupport License Sheet for NetSupport DNA Education pack B Key Version 4.5

Company Name



Serial Number



License Number



Maximum Clients








Maintenance Start


1 July 2018

Maintenance End


30 June 2019

If this is an Upgrade

You can run the license update wizard by navigating to "C:\Program Files (x86)\NetSupport\NetSupport DNA\Server\DNADBWizard.exe" on the DNA server.

The 4th Option is "Register a license"

To Register the License with the product please follow the instructions below

  1. Save the attached file DNALicense.lic to a directory accessible to the NetSupport DNA Server machine.
  2. During installation of the Server component you will be presented with the 'License Registration' dialog. Follow the on screen instructions to select and open the file supplied.
  3. You will also be required to enter the License number supplied in this email to complete the License registration.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process

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